Paypal customer service hell

Paypal will not allow me to use my account to buy anything more because they say after 8 years, I have reached a limit set by them. Oh, they’ll lift the limit, if I give them my bank account number (in spite of all of their ads saying they’ll never ask for it) or open up one of their credit cards with an interest rate they refuse to give to me! Since neither of these is a good option for anyone, I cannot buy from some of the people I love doing business with! I asked repeatedly to speak with a supervisor and was never allowed to, and I was sent from one lackey to another until they sent me back to the original recorded options menu! Another person sent me to a bank where the woman told me she had no idea why they sent me there since I was not business but a buyer. This went on for an hour. I am so done with these crooks! I really hope a lawsuit will put them out of business!

Submitted By:: Kelly Hanson

Location-: Nevada

Posted: March 19, 2012 at 8:09 pm


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