Paypal closed my account because I sent money as a gift

Paypal closed my account for sending a gift to a friend who needed to purchase a new laptop. Their reason for closing my account is that the account I sent money to, as a gift had been used for reasons which violate the paypal user agreement according to paypal. I asked my friend if he was aware of any of this but he had not heard anything from Paypal. I’m guilty by association, in essence being labeled a murderer for paying taxes which the government would use in part to build weapons of mass destruction and kill innocent people. Paypay has violated my acceptable use policy in not allowing me access to my over 1000.00 dollars in money for over 180 days with no interest. Well there is interest being made by paypal on my money but they are not going to give that to me. What gives paypal the right to hold my money for 180 days?? Banks can not do this so why can Paypal? And if paypal can get away with pulling such a scam then it is absolutely crazy that anyone is still using them.

Posted: June 27, 2012 at 3:20 pm


3 Responses to Paypal closed my account because I sent money as a gift

  1. elena says:

    Banks can!! I dunno this sounds dodgy y didnt u just give ur friend the money by bank transfer?? Or in person? He was obv dodgy…

  2. i want what belongs to me be reinstated, i had to give my greendot and ebay prepaid cards to friends because they thought i wasn’t who i am! and now my friends are penalized also. i am not going to give them a phto id-proof of social security numbers and an electric bill to prove who am/hence i can’t use my ebay bucks without it!!! Pissed OFF!

  3. Jason says:

    They can hold your money for 180 days because the are not federally regulated by a bank. SO this is how they do as they please with no repercussions. I believe that people use paypal because it is such a household name and they are not aware of the many different real processing companies out there. I know I was one of those people a year or so ago. I used paypal and got burned bad by them. That’s when i did a little research and found this site and many other like it out there stating hoe bad paypal is and decided it would be a wise decision to go elsewhere and boy am I happy I did

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