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  1. Sonny says:

    Last 2 weeks i receive my payment from design crowd,, about USD 663,, right after i see my balance is added to my pp account, i do withdraw my balance to my truly authorized original bank account,, not even a minute,, my account is limited,, then they need me to send them some additional information id photo, proof of address , etc,, but !! Right after i submit the document, they send me an email that inform me ” my account is now permanently limited due an unusual login activity ,, WTF ??? ,, i need to wait 180 days only for withdraw MY OWN MONEY ??? .. And i can said “SUCK” for their system which they said that “we monitored all activity in paypal” and this is the result ???? WTF you PAYPAL .. Unusual login activity because i download install and use your mobile paypal apps ?? So you see that there are 2 person login through my account ?? It is a silly and stupid thing … i have already sent some email regarding this ,, but there is no human that reply my email.. Do i have to call the customer service for this ??? I join and decide to use paypal is not for calling them right ? I just need to receive and withdraw the money! Why it is difficult? Are they robing me ?? And keep all the members money for they investment plant within 6 Month ?? Dear paypalsucks member, i think we should report this Sucks Company.. Because i believes that there are another 1000 person like me and us.. Paypal just hope that we not realize this .. They think we are stupid ?? Go to hell you paypal !

  2. wikritix says:

    OP, what about the rest of the information? Other than a brief detail of what the email said, what exactly did it say? What were you selling? How long did you have your account? How long have you been selling on eBay? What kind of an account did you have was it business or private? I suppose it couldn’t have been private if you had $400 in eBay fees could it?

    As for Sonny, what a load of crap you are spilling! You get $663 and immediately you try to take out ALL of the funds?! What was this transaction for? Was it payment for a job? If so, why didn’t you get them to pay directly into your bank account? Was it payment for a purchase? If so, then what right do you think you have to withdraw all of the funds immediately? Do you complaining idiots not realise that just because you sold something, that the money DOESN’T immediately belong to you? It your retarded way of thinking that makes so many consumers unhappy with their experiences!. You can all argue as much as you like, but the fact of the matter is this, just because your item has sold, it doesn’t mean that the money is immediately yours. You have to make sure your customer is happy first. If you can’t manage that simple thing, then don’t bother selling in the first place, continue your lives with trying to rip off your local person in a bar or garage sale because none of you have a place in today’s world of online sales. If you can’t deal with that then boohoo to you whining retards, because the rest of us can do just fine without you.

  3. Noob says:

    Sonny, dude. Just wait the 180 days. Withdraw your money. Stop using eBay (or continue). Not that darn hard.
    You could also call them or send some mail (not EMAIL) an actual letter, hand written or not.
    But 180 isn’t that much. Just wait.

  4. E.Allah says:

    wikritix, what you are forgetting is not everybody is a crook and the fact that is the only conclusion you jump to makes me begin to wonder about you. When a transaction is made both parts should have EQUAL protection that means the BUYER and the SELLER. When a transaction is made even though it’s through Paypal the funds do not belong to Paypal either. When your transaction is business they take their fee expeditiously; then you have to wait 21 days. A bank at least pays interest because they USE your money but Paypal holds on to your hard earned money obviously you are on their TOOL payroll. I don’t care if it’s 18 seconds or 18 minutes or 180 days, they get paid asap so so should the seller!

  5. Nir says:

    Hello ,I need help
    PayPal closed my account because I didn’t used it for few months
    And I had money in this account
    How can i get my money back ?

  6. RE says:

    I have had the same experience, now its payback time!! There is a class action lawsuit that can allow you to recieve up to $2000.00 if you have fallen vistim to account holds and suspensions. I strongly advise all that have had paypal problems to file a compliant to the law team that will be taking paypal to court in 2016. The website to file a complaint is : https://www.accountholdsettlement.com/
    Together we are strong!!!

  7. mouse says:

    there is currently a class action lawsuit against paypal for holding monies from people i just had account closed for no reason i am thinking they are closing accounts as to lower the monies they have to pay peoples back , even if start new account it wouldnt fall into the lawsuit

  8. C.Lynn says:

    Paypal shut my account down because I started making too much money for them. First they started holding all payments from my clients over the amount of 200.00 then they started holding all money making me look incompetent to my clients. The representatives have a script they all say about their new policy and now then put a limited restriction on my account asking me to explain all transactions. I provided everything to them and then they said they have decided to shut my Paypal account down! I was devastated! I have been in business for 3 years using PayPal as a processing company and now this. They are foul and I honestly think they messed up with not paying the government taxes so now they are trying to hold money and shit everyone’s account down.

  9. Why says:

    Ok. I thought it was just me. Wow. I’ve had PayPal for over 5 years and they closed my account. I had a small negative balance but was paying it back. Finally went to make the final payment ($75) to find that they closed my account. So now my customers can’t pay via paypal or get a refund via paypal, I have virtually no records of my previous payments from customers as I can’t check my account online and I can’t print shipping receipts. Lovely. Luckily they send emails for each purchase so I have a ton of emails but that doesn’t help with the service. It would make more sense to keep the account open so people can put money into it to repay the balance. Especially when customers make a purchase it goes directly to Paypal….

  10. Kyle says:

    Paypal just closed my account even though I have had it for more than 10 years and in perfectly good standings. In the last couple of years my business has grown and gradually my transactions grew larger. In the last 3 months I have made several transactions over $25,000 through without any problems. Last Friday I go to use my Paypal debit card to pump gas and it is declined. This never happened before, I paid with my regular debit card. When I got to the office I logged on to Paypal only to find out my account was permanently limited and they had sent me a part ways email saying they no longer wanted me to use their services.
    When I contacted them, they could not offer me any reason or explanation other than that what they have decided. I told a friend of mine about this and he said his account was shut down for no reason at all as well. He said many other friends of Middle Eastern Muslim heritage and names had their accounts shut down for no legit reason at all. The problem here is the Federal Government gives banks and companies like Paypal the ability to legally close accounts as they please without having to offer a legit reason for their action. As an American I find this to be appalling. Paypal claims to be against racism, yet they are targeting Arabs and Muslims and closing their accounts for no legitimate reason.

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