Paypal charged me even though I paid with Debit Card

Hi all,was hoping you could shed sum light on a thing that just happened.
Bought a cable online went to cart and proceeded to checkout,said if i wanted to use paypal or cards!I said Debit Card,filled out details of card went to next page,said i had an account based on details,would i like to log on to my paypal account,or continue with card transaction,I said continue with card,then it said it could not complete transaction,I tried twice but no luck.Then I check my account and noticed 2 $0.96 debit fees from paypal in there,now i had $7.70 in there and the cable was $6.50 so now i do not even have enough to complete the sale,how can they do this if i said no to it by using my debit card instead?Please if anyone can help much appreciate it.

Submitted By:: Hayden Kerr

Location-: Devonport

Posted: April 3, 2012 at 3:35 pm


One Response to Paypal charged me even though I paid with Debit Card

  1. mark says:

    Paypals goal is to keep as much of your money as they can , a rotten company, not to be trusted.

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