Paypal chargebacks

My partner had a Paypal business account for an electrical training business which operated as a limited company. He used my details to open the account as his credit rating was not perfect. Unfortunately, the company had to cease trading due to funds running out. I now find that even though the company was ltd, as the PayPal account was opened in my name I am now responsible for all the chargeback debts (a lot of which are fraudulent as students who had almost finished the course have claimed the whole amount they paid back). I was not given the chance to defend these chargebacks, now running up to 20k, as Paypal said they sent an e-mail to the e-mail address put down when the account was opened. However, this was my partner’s e-mail address and when the business had to cease trading, the e-mail address became defunct and the e-mails would have bounced back to them. They had my address and telephone no. on account but said they only contact people by e-mail and it was my responsibility to advise them of a change of e-mail address. The first I heard of the chargebacks was when I was contacted by a debt agency. Any advice or help would be appreciated as I have no idea how I can begin to repay this debt.

Posted: November 16, 2012 at 7:52 pm


2 Responses to Paypal chargebacks

  1. Jacqueline Wright says:

    It’s your own fault for using your paypal account for business purposes then expecting not to have any comeback when you say it’s a private account, you can’t have it both ways

  2. chuck says:

    There is a law where if you owe a debt and question the validity of the debt, they have to PROVE that you owe the debt. In your case, I don’t think that paypal can sufficiently prove that you entered a contract with them and owe them. Did you ever sign anything? I think this debt that you are talking about will be very easy to get out of. I would ask a lawyer for a free consultation and if you do some paperwork I am confident you will simply erase the debt. Good luck!

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