Why doesn’t paypal care about their users?

I am having ongoing technical issues with my account which seems to stem from a glitch in the PayPal system. When I sign in to my account, it says that my account is ‘limited’.

I have gone through the limitation review more than 10 times in an attempt to resolve it, but when I click the box re: agreeing to PayPal’s Electronic Communications Delivery Policy, then press continue, it does not acknowledge that I have accepted the terms and takes me back to the original page that states that the account is limited.

I have tried doing it on various computers (Mac and PC), as well as on Safari and Firefox, and nothing works – it never acknowledges my Agreement to Receive PayPal Electronic Communications.

Due to this, my account is frozen and I cannot receive payment from my customers.

I have emailed to get help six times, and each time it points me back to the website to read a section completely unrelated to my issue (ie. it is clear that a human did not read my email). I’ve also tried calling, but both times waited on the phone for more than two hours.

Why doesn’t PayPal respond to its customers?

Posted: March 27, 2013 at 4:36 pm


2 Responses to Why doesn’t paypal care about their users?

  1. True says:

    I have the same problem without any reaction from Paypal to fix the trouble. Fucking Paypal……….

  2. George Stapleton says:

    having trouble with security questions. 1. name of first school 2.Name of first pet..
    It seems that when I give answers they are not accepted. I have tried all lower case, all upper case and a mixture of upper/lower to no avail
    What do I need to do to allow me to pay via paypal. I recently purchased a product and paid via a Debit card with (so it seems no touble) although I still await
    to receive the ordered and is due for delivery from 12/06/2014.

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