PayPal is blocking me from using my debit card

Buying stuff on ebay used to be OK. having credit card transactions “processed” by paypal and declining their offer of an account was a nuisance but then last year I foolishly acceded and opened a paypal account. Today for the first time since then I tried to make a purchase on ebay. “the card you have entered cannot be used, try another card”. apparently I had to do something called “confirm card” via I tried that…. “your last action cannot be completed”. repeatedly. I unlink the card, try linking my bank account, (God I wish i hadn’t given them my bank account number !!!!). Nothing. Finally I tried closing the account, hoping that my card might work on ebay as it had before I joined PP. nope. “closing” a pp account only closes my access to it. pp continues to use all the information I’ve given them to block my cards. So I finally find the pp contact button and send an email – get back a pointless corpspeak email about how great they are. How the hell is this outfit allowed to operate???

Posted: October 10, 2014 at 6:19 pm


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  1. al novak says:

    bought a guitar used paypall all the time then frozen?? tried calling them ,all i got was your account is frozen ! give a week? !! holy crap week goes by nothing ,not even a email or call ! i lost the guitar ,got a poor on my ebay account and i closed my paypall account! now i have nuthin ! was it my fault? hell no !!h theses bastards would fold !!

  2. Joseph farrugia says:

    On 22nd April i have opened a new account on Paypal with a visa debit card. Unfortunately my attempts were unsuccesful as the following error occured.”There Something wrong with the card Please try to Add another Card or contact your card issues” I have contacted my bank and confirmed card is valid up and running. This i can confirm as i have used the same card on another website and it worked. Kindly guide me accordingly Thanks Joseph.

  3. Ian Longhorn says:

    I purchased a couple of items, by card, one by one without logging in to Paypal. On the third item the credit card number was rejected. Use another one it said. So I did. Same result. Tried buying via shopping cart rather than download. Same result. I used to have an account years ago in UK so tried to remember/recover details for logon to PayPal. Paypal processes were unable to assist me. Claims that an email had been sent to me were fanciful as no reset emails received. Right now I cannot complete my third purchase and I suspect I now cannot shop at any place using PayPal for card processing. Not acceptable. Tried to set up a new account. OK until I had to provide card details and same answers. Not a happy bunny. Not going to phone US to get an answer. Much easier to get a new card!!! I will notify the supplier of problems with PayPal processing preventing me from completing the $700 order.

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