PayPal Billing and sign-up issue

I was trying to purchase some Norell perfume for my cousin for Christmas. When I was registering for the product through eBay and then going through the PayPal payment registration, I thought I cancelled the transaction. The next thing I see is a charge on my credit card via PayPal. Since I thought I had cancelled the PayPal transaction, I then went back to EBay and entered my credit card number for purchasing the same product. Now I can not get a hold of PayPal and the EBay Customer Support is worthless. I am exhausted and still do not understand why the PayPal transaction went through when I wiped out all my pertinent detail and now a charge is showing up. I’m totally wiped-out by trying to resolve anything. I just don’t want two of the same products to be sent to her and be double-billed. No customer-service on Sat. past 7:00pm PST. ENOUGH!

Posted: December 8, 2014 at 7:45 pm


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