Paypal, the biggest mistake I ever made.

I live in Naches, WA. I sold a saddle to a woman in Prince Edward Island Canada. We thought it would be a safe, clear idea to use Paypal. I called them on Thursday 8/9/12 after she deposited the amount into my Paypal account. They said there was a limit of $500.00 as I wanted it to be transferred into my bank account which was already set up with them. I followed their directions as a pleasant midwest male agent walked me through their site. I was online or on the phone for over 4 hours trying to make this happen. Then I was told it would take 3-4 business days for my money to transfer into my bank account. Paypal managed to deposit .14 and .13 into my bank account and return it in one day. So I called them on their bullshit. They refused to access my funds before 3-4 business days. Being a Thursday, and the weekend coming up, it could take until next Thursday, or one week. I’m a licensed nurse and work doubles on weekends. By Monday, I was exhausted but I checked into my bank account to see if anything had happened. Nothing. So I called Paypal and got a snotty Philipina who argued with me that I hadn’t transferred the money on Thursday so I had to go through the process all over again. I would be until Friday before the money was in my checking account. Now we’re over one week. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager and she argued with me some more. I insisted and she put me one with another Philipina who was snootier. I asked how to refund the poor woman money as she had paid for a saddle that she won’t get for God knows how long. She told me to go to History and the drop down arrow. I told her there was no drop down arrow. She yelled at me and hung up. This was a supervisor, supposedly. I finally figured out how to refund this poor woman’s money on my own and called back the next day, today, and spoke with Bill, a manager in the Philippines. He spoke with authority, but did nothing to help me get my money or to correct the wrong being done by these snotty agents. So I told him to confirm that the money had been returned to the lady. It had been $624 and change. Paypal took $24 for themselves after all of our trouble, just to refund the woman her money. Jeff, the manager assured me that everything was taken care of and that from now on I would have no problems with Paypal as everything is set up now. I laughed at him. Are you kidding? You have done nothing to help me. Everything was simply my problem to deal with. I told him I had been surfing the web while talking to him and found this site, I told him I’d be going there and sharing my experiences so that others may avoid PayPal and all of this garbage, but mostly, the precious time being thrown away.

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 3:54 pm


3 Responses to Paypal, the biggest mistake I ever made.

  1. Jadyn says:

    Paypal takes your money instantly when you pay for something but the seller have to wait a VERY long time to get this money. So where is the money when the buter doesnt have it and the seller doesnt have it? What is paypal doing with that money? If they can instantly take it then why cant they instantly deposit it? There is something really shady about the long processing times you encounter with Paypal when you are looking to receive or transfer your money to your bank account.

  2. Ad says:

    Of course the money is in an account somewhere earning extra interest while we wait.

  3. Mark conrad says:

    Have you ever transferred money from you bank to another different bank. This process can take 3 – 5 business days. Further to this it can take banks upto 30 days to act. Banks such but you are quick to blame paypal. They cannot make your bank act faster. Hello……

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