PayPal is bad for business

Some stupid person bought a game account from me and paid py paypal. About 20 days later she decides that she wants to keep both the money and the account with all the items in it. She files a claim and I respond telling them that they should not do that, and that it is also a business account which is used for deals some of which are worth more than 500.000EUR. She apologizes, says it was a misunderstanding with her mother,cancels the claim.

About 2 weeks later she or her mother go to their bank and say there is an unknown expense statement, knowing full well it was their intended purchase. The bank makes another claim and paypal gives me a negative balance of 1000EUR for the second time for the same thing!!!! Note that mine is a business account!! Of course, it is now unusable, I had to cancel orders, and lose customers, and I am thinking of either using another service like paypal or using only bank deposits for my business. Those people are idiots! Even if paypal was obliged to hold the amount related to the claim, they should do that, independently, and not cause problems to my account. They should do that with their own money, until the case is resolved and not freeze my account for 75 DAYS!!!! This is not professional service in any way! I suggest to merchants mainly, to stay away from paypal. It is BAD FOR BUSINESS.

Posted: July 9, 2014 at 4:54 pm


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