PayPal admits to glitch but does not provide me with payment

In 2005 I sold a military Katana to a person in another state, received notice to ship as PayPal revived payment.

Item was shipped, tracked and within 5-minutes of receipt by buyer, Pay Pal refunded his entire purchase amount w/o any complaint. The item was not returned,

I asked Pay Pal by phone, and they aid it was possible a glitch in their system and would be corrected within 45 days, so after 42-days, w/o receiving the sale price in my active account, I requested Pay Pal investigate. Their answer was it wasn’t possible, but they admitted it did happen, and since it was shipped by mail I should contact UPS with the details re: mail fraud. You can guess where that got me… USPS referred me to the local police, who said it would require a $10,000 bond to formally serve a warrant on the buyer (the person never responded to several e-mails), and in addition a formal complaint need be filed in the city & state of the accused. This was a $167.00+$22 ($189.00) shipping loss for me. At the time I had only one remaining Katana to sell for a museum in Sarasota, FL which I’d evaluated the lot of 23 they received upon death of a WW II veteran/benefactor. I worked on a 10% of sale basis and paid my own shipping costs, so the entire effort was not a total loss, but that one ‘hack’ job, or whatever Pay Pal would not admit to, cut deeply into my profits.

Posted: December 29, 2014 at 7:21 pm


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  1. Jane Fulmer says:

    As far as I know, I do not have a pay-pal account. I have never signed on and created one, although my husband one for our small at-home business. That being said, a friend’s grandson was injured in a freak accident. I went to my bank and authorized an amount of money to be withdrawn monthly and sent to this lady to help with medical expenses. This money was withdrawn from my checking account for about two months. As I was checking my credit card, which was issued by a credit union, I saw this same amount being charged by pay-pal to my credit card. Now, I was having an amount removed from my checking account and the same amount charged to my credit card. I never authorized pay-pal to be involved in this. I went to my bank and stopped the amount being removed from my checking account. Since I personally do not have a pay-pal account, I do not know how to have this stopped being charged to my credit card. I want to use this money for another charity, but not through pay-pal. I feel as if I have been hijacked and am not happy about it.

  2. Jim says:

    To Jane Fulmer: Contact your credit union card issuer tell them you want to dispute unauthorized charges to your credit card. Under the federal Truth-in-Lending Act and the Federal Reserve’s Regulation Z, the card issuing financial institution is required to refund to you all unauthorized charges. As such, this gives the card issuer a big incentive to ensure these unauthorized charges cease immediately.

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