Per PayPal accounts get hacked all the time!

PayPal truly lacks good security for your personnel information. My PayPal was hacked, the people who hacked my account were able to change my name, language to Chinese and we’re able to transfer 1k out of my personnel checking account. I cannot believe PayPal does not have a way to alert you that these changes are taking place!! After three days my account was credited. The person I spoke to at Pay Pal was very nice, but informed me that it happens all the time? REALLY!!! well PayPal is should NOT!! 1k may be a small amount to the CEO of PayPal, but it was all my monies for the month!! I am so mad that it is treated as ” oh well, we will make it right, it happens more then you think” attitude. I will never do business with PP again!!!!

Posted: July 7, 2015 at 8:11 pm


3 Responses to Per PayPal accounts get hacked all the time!

  1. Austin says:

    You’re an idiot.

  2. jim says:

    So someone got your password. Sounds like your security needs to be better dumbass

  3. Anonymous says:

    PayPal send you an email every time a profile change happens.
    The weak link in their security is tools like you.

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