PayPal account hacked and charges made

Someone hacked my paypal account which I haven’t used for a year. They charged my Amex card $327 and try to charge my checking account $327.90. I wouldn’t have know about if didn’t get an email notification from paypal. In which I got 3 emails from them.
1 email was a warning from paypal that my account might have been tampered with and the other 2 emails was the purchases of a Nintendo wii and a set of knifes from someone in Russia or Europe some were!
I called Amex immediately that night and told them of the fraudulent charges. And they said they couldn’t do anything until the charges go through and then they can dispute the charges to PayPal. And the next morning I called PayPal and told them of the situation and they told not to worry about it. They will file dispute on the charges and investigate it. And so took a day off of work to go to the bank and reopen a new account to stop the other charge of $327.90 from going through my account and had the bank to put a stop on that charge that is coming from PayPal.

So about a week later paypal send me a letter saying judging by my recent transaction history! They denied my dispute of the charge and that this charge was legit. So called them up about 4 times talking to different people and being transferred to different people and departments for the next 2 weeks or so. And also got hanged up on or disconnected the last 2 calls. I finally just gave up on them and stop talking to them. From my last call with them I told them I’m not paying them anything for something I didn’t buy through them!

So the next couple of weeks they kept calling my house phone and my cell phone at all kind different hours in the early mornings around 6am and late evenings. And they kept sending me emails to pay up the money on my negative account or they will send me to a collections department. So this pass Saturday I got a letter in the mail from the collections department. Saying I need to respond to them or they will considered this amount of money I owe PayPal legit. So I called them this past Monday and told the collections lady what happened. She told she will send the paper work back to PayPal and have them do the investigation again. Then today (16 October 2014) I got an email from paypal saying the same thing that it’s legit from my transaction history. Where did they get this so called transaction history from. I only used them once that I know of last year!

Posted: October 16, 2014 at 7:18 pm


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  1. paul says:

    I have a big problem with my paypal account. I had in March paypal account with some money get to address that a hacker stole that contains all my personal informations. I created another account with same personal informations but today receive from paypal an email that i have linked my personal informations to domain that was stolen by a hacker who create this domain that linked to my personal informations on stolen paypal account and I have a negative balance of – € 664.29 on paypal account linked to my personal informations by that hacker. This account has been linked with to my personal informations fraudulently and I am not responsible for the negative balance in that paypal account.

  2. Jess Morgan says:

    I had a fraudulent charge on my paypal account that I have not used for several years. I tried to open it back up to use it recently, (Jan 2016) and they told me I must pay this amount before I can have my account unfrozen. They say once I pay it, I can file a dispute. I am scared it will not even be taken seriously. I am not sure what else to do.

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