Paypal account frozen, suspended from ebay all for no reason.

I had a problem with paypal and ebay after they froze my account when I gotten lot of sells from ebay about $3500.00 of sales in a three days of sell’s . I didn’t even get a notice about it being frozen , I log in to my account and it said my account has been froze so I email paypal to find out why they froze my account . They didn’t even replied back to me not until I email them four times and they didn’t even give me a reason to why they froze my account. So I search for about a hour and half for a number to call them and I still didn’t find a number so I email ebay about the problem I had with paypal they wouldn’t even help me at first, until they froze my account because I couldn’t ship the merchandise to my customers and give them a tracking number . That’s when ebay email me back with a 1-800 to call paypal. After I had contacted paypal by phone they still wouldn’t even give me a reason to why they froze my account they even argued with me and I demanded that they give a manager to talk to so they said they would call me back. I waited for about a hour and they didn’t call back so I called them call and asked if I could speak to a manager about my problem they did give me a manager to talk to this time but the manager still wouldn’t give me a reason to why they froze my account but agreed to release $450.00 of the funds. I told the manager that wouldn’t be enough to pay my supplier to have the merchandise shipped to my customers. They told me to contact ebay about the problem so I did and ebay told me it was up to paypal to release the fund to me, so I contacted paypal again and still they wouldn’t release the funds I needed to pay my supplier, paypal even told me that ebay is one of their owners still no go. Then ebay charged me charge back to the customer’s and fee, then paypal charged me fee’s and charge back to the customer’s my customers had to wait 30 to 60 day’s to get there money back. Only because paypal froze my account and causing ebay to suspend my account with them. Crazy uh and ebay and paypal claim they are in business to help people to get started in their own business who have no money or little money to get started in a business to make money of there own this is a some what truth but a lie .

Posted: November 29, 2012 at 3:32 pm


2 Responses to Paypal account frozen, suspended from ebay all for no reason.

  1. Roger says:

    The bastards did the same thing to me, limited my account after a week of better then expected sales. It’s been hell ever since and I am not getting any answers, just passed around from ebay to paypal, from managers and supervisors and no one can explain to my account was frozen or when I will get my money. They all say a different story and that it’s not “their department” I am so tired of the bull #$%^

  2. Armando says:

    Same thing happen to me. They are thieves! no Doubt I hope they get in trouble and their stock goes down.

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