I have had an ongoing battle with paypal for 3 years

Where do I even begin??? Are you ready to read a novel?? ( I will try and be brief!)
I have had an ongoing battle with paypal for 3 years because they limited my account but wouldn’t tell me why. I did everything they asked, have a clean credit score, 100% positive feedback on ebay and yet when my case went to appeal, they told me I’m too much of a risk and won’t do business with me but without telling me why.
Yesterday, after 2 years with no contact, I tried to sort it out again. The man told me, it’s so far back it is not on my records what happened and advised me to try and open a new account with a new email address. I did this through a new hotmail account but they wouldn’t let me add my bank account. When I rang to ask why, the girl told me after asking her manager, that I am too much of a risk and they will never do business with me.
I can’t even make purchases without signing in, as they recognize the card and that it’s registered to me, (who is blacklisted). But that makes no sense when the money comes directly out of my bank account!!
Today they sent an email to the new hotmail account saying my new account has been limited due to a buyer complaining about me. So… finally… is that what this is all about??
The only thing I have really sold of any value is some Fleetwood Mac tickets. I paid $400 for them but when I couldn’t make the gig managed to sell them for the same price. The buyer did grumble about the price but I explained it is what I paid for them – he left me good feedback on ebay saying he had got to the front. Then 6 months later, I haven’t sold a thing since, my account gets limited… and now I hear it’s down to a buyer??
But nobody has contacted me to complain to me directly? Paypal won’t tell me what the actual problem is so I can rectify it.
I am told I am a risk, all I do is make small purchases on ebay – and I know there’s business sellers who regularly sell things for ridiculous prices. Why have they targeted me??
That kind of sums it up!!
Thanks for listening!!

Posted: January 7, 2013 at 7:21 pm


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  1. JON says:

    Don’t save your money in your paypal account just transfer into your bank account immediately and some of these problems could be avoided fro paypal is hiding behind the web to bully people even in relation to their own money.

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