Non-profit organization fees

I am the president of a nonprofit organization and have had a Paypal account for at least six years for payments. Only last week did a Paypal phone representative slip and let me know I should be paying about half of what I’ve paid for six years in Paypal fees. They have my account frozen while they wait for my IRS determination letter and cancelled check which they’ve had for 48 hours. They claim I didn’t send them this when I opened this account but they didn’t ask for it. And they certainly didn’t tell me about lower fees for nonprofits. This seems illegal given the government is involved with determining I have a nonprofit. They have refused to refund the overcharges fr the last 6 years. Now they claim they only instituted the lowered fees for nonprofits two years ago but they didn’t notify any nonprofits about qualifying for lowered fees.

Submitted By:: Mary

Location-: Mesa, Az.

Posted: February 27, 2012 at 8:56 pm


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