Can’t have my money, can’t close my account and can’t get any help from Paypal

I sold a few things on eBay before my move, and had about $250 in my PayPal account. Last week, my PayPal account was hacked and someone made a fraudulent charge. I complained to my bank and to PayPal.

PayPal investigated and then refunded the charge. The money over my balance in PayPal was refunded back to my credit card. The other money that was formerly in my PayPal account was refunded back to my PayPal account.

I removed my credit card information immediately.

I tried to close my PayPal account and it says I can’t while there are pending authorizations. There are NO pending authorizations, and no scheduled or approved payments on my PayPal account.

I called PayPal customer service and the agent tells me that I can’t have the money in my account sent to me via check because they only send money to CONFIRMED ADDRESSES, and since I had removed my credit card earlier in the week, they said I had no confirmed address and I would have to add my credit card back to my account to get the money out of my PayPal account.

They have my address, credit card info, and everything else they need in their records, just not on their website any longer. So, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The agent put me on hold. I waited and waited before calling PayPal with another phone line. Their recording answered saying their offices closed at 10pm. It was 10:39 and I had been on hold for 57 minutes. The agent just put me on hold and went home for the night.

Now, not only do they have my money and refuse to give it to me unless I put my credit card or bank account on their website again, but their agent just left me on hold for I guess would have been an eternity if I had been willing to hold that long.

I will be on the phone to their Corporate offices in the morning.

Their Corporate office phone number is: 408-967-1000 Fax: 408-376-7514

2211 N. First St
San Jose, CA 95131

Interim President John Donahoe
CFO Patrick Dupuis
SVP and Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Ranjana Clark

There has to be an attorney that is also a part of the multitudes of people screwed over by PayPal and I think it’s time we find one and begin a “Class Action” against PayPal and their THEFT of our money.

Posted: August 16, 2012 at 2:57 pm


6 Responses to Can’t have my money, can’t close my account and can’t get any help from Paypal

  1. Ian says:

    They are the biggest thieves out there. Why would they want to release your money when they can make interest off of it. Their customer service is atrocious. If you wouldn’t have called on a different line you would have been on hold until you decided to disconnect the call. I don’t understand why people continue to do business with this company. I’m sure there is a class action lawsuit in your area

  2. Kim says:

    I can’t believe they left you onhold and went home for the day. I think I would have had a stroke if that happened to me. I am getting all worked up just reading about what you have been through. And it is total BS that they can’t mail you a check. I guess your only option would be to link your card back to paypal and once you have your money in hand report that card as lost and get a new card with new numbers that paypal cant access.

  3. SKeeter says:

    They make it so difficult to close your account once it has been limited. It is absolutely absurd that they put you on hold and went home leaving you hanging like a piece of laundry. This company and its policies are crazy. I have never worked with people who are incompetent and rude as I have with PayPal. They will screw you over as fast as they can and not think twice about it

  4. Damien Knight says:

    They talk about having a policy of excellent customer service. I think it would be a stretching ambition to aim for mediocre customer service. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced in a financial services company. A client of mind (big mistake) decided to pay me for some professional services using Pay Pal. Because the sum was over £1900 they limited the account until they had verified my bank account. After five calls total 3h 40m and two attempts from Pay Pal I still haven’t received the nominal sums necessary for this procedure. But the worst thing is that no-one will take responsibility for the case and call me back to tell me what is happening. All they do is pass you as soon as possible to another department where you have to start explaining again. So far I have spoken to 13 different people, including a supervisor who would promise nothing. I am in despair. I have initiated the complaints procedure and asked for a technical review but I don’t hold out much hope of getting a response.

  5. Diane LaFavre says:

    eBay tried to take my money from Paypal. I called the bank and said my checkbook had been stolen, and they closed the account immediately. (It wasn’t my regular bank account. I had heard about Paypal’s got-you-over-a-barrel techniques.) I also called and reported my credit card stolen. Now eBay and Paypal can’t get my stuff. The telephone number I used has changed, and I zeroed out that email address. (You should have one for just such cases.) I won’t deal with either one again.

  6. mark says:

    Both ebay and paypal are crooks, dont use either onw of them!!

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