Message to PayPal: I am not going Away!

I am going to make this as concise and simply as I possibly can without getting too angry. You may have read my messages on the PayPal page or Twitter page because it is very hard to elicit help. I am sorry if the nature of this message seems ‘spammy’ because the only way for me to get this fixed is to expose as many people as I can to this message.

I have been a faithful eBay and PayPal user for many years now. I have paid many fees to both PayPal and eBay for a painless care free experience and I have not had any problems up until now.

Recently I have sold some of my DJ equipment to another PayPal user for $820 (I received approximately $800 due to PayPal fees). Since I had been using my PayPal account for some time I was nearing the maximum spending limit on that account because I never verified my bank account. I also had recently won an auction on eBay for a bicycle and had told the seller that I would not be able to pay immediately due to the fact that I was still in the process of selling my DJ equipment. Naturally I wanted to pay for the bicycle as soon as possible and therefore, to get around the spending limit, I sent the maximum amount ($447.28) to another account so I could pay for the bicycle. Before I could check out for the bicycle both accounts became limited meaning that I could no longer send money until the accounts were released from their limitations. I would like to note that you are allowed to have multiple PayPal accounts so I do not see anything wrong with what I just explained.

Soon after the limitations were imposed the $820 transaction went under PayPal review and therefore $800 was taken out of my original account, leaving me with -$447.28 in that account since I had transferred $447.28 to my other account. From my understanding, my money was being held because I used PayPal to sell my DJ equipment which makes no sense what so ever. I do not know truly why my money is being held because no explanation was ever given to me. PayPal simply decided that they wanted to hold my money so they did.

Today both my accounts have been reviewed due to their limitations and have been closed by PayPal because they decided that that was the correct course of action (despite explaining this same story to them multiple times in different forms and emails). I now have to wait 180 days in order to access $800 of my OWN MONEY.

From my perspective I am being punished for no apparent reason for being a loyal customer. I probably have paid hundreds of dollars in eBay and PayPal fees in order to use their service and in return they have unrightfully taken away $800 of my own personal money because somehow my situation looks ‘suspicious’ to them. Being a college student I no longer have extra money to buy a bicycle to commute to and from school nor the money to buy textbooks because PayPal has decided that I have done something wrong. I have also wasted countless hours filling out forms and talking to customer service during the account review process so that they would understand that I was doing nothing wrong; but to no avail they still punished me for doing everything correct on my part.

PayPal simply decided that something was wrong and that the best course of action was to shut down my accounts and seize my money. Absolutely no explanation was given to me as to why my accounts were deactivated and why they decided to rip $800 out of my wallet.

So what do I want? I want my accounts to be restored and my money rightfully returned to me. I still have yet to receive an explanation from PayPal who has remained silent. I refuse to remain silent and will continue to publicize my situation until my complaints are heard and dealt with.

Submitted By:: Andrew Genkuong

Location-: USA

Posted: May 3, 2012 at 4:00 pm


4 Responses to Message to PayPal: I am not going Away!

  1. calgery says:

    ever noticed that when you go to Paypals FB page it is all people complaining about how much paypal sucks. It is so sad to read all these stories about long time faithful users of paypal and ebay getting a royal screwing and no help at all from the company they have given thousands of dollars to over the years.

  2. Butternut_Baby says:

    Hope that you get your money back. I had to wait entirely too long for my funds to be released. I bet they make a pretty penny from intrest holding on to our money like that. Millions I bet. It’s almost like a ponzi scheme only nobody gives a fuck to shut them down!

  3. Jennifer Logan says:

    Good luck even finding someone that speaks english

  4. Billy Boy says:

    This company has no shame to the game! It disgust me on how they decided when it is time to start holding people money for no reason or limit their account after being open for many years. The bottom line is that they don’t have any loyalty to their clients. They are not federal with the bank institution, which is already a scary thing. Close your account as soon as you resolve this issue and never use them again.

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