How I lost my Money with PayPal


I am writing because I am so angry with how badly paypal deal with their customers and how they refuse to help anyone. I run an online business, teaching people and selling products. I launched a product last month, and received large sums of money, I have launched several products in the past and had no problems at all. But this, this was a different level of f*ckery on their part.

I was out celebrating my launch with my girlfriend, when I checked my phone to see I had made over $1,000 in 1 hour, I was amazed…but I didn’t log into paypal to withdraw because I was out and thought i’d just do it later…I wish I had of withdrawn that instant. Why might you ask? Because the next day, paypal froze my account.

I have a registered business account with them, and had done nothing out of the ordinary for them to freeze it. A “friend” of mine, well…not much of a friend at all, but this so called friend was helping me make sales and I was giving him a share of the money, so I would send it to him via paypal and he would send me the money he received, we had a good level of trust. Or should I say, I trusted him…He is now in prison for fraud. But this person was nothing to do with my business in the sense that he had done something two years prior to me knowing him and it was totally irrelevant.

After doing some digging around I realized this person hadn’t been honest with me (surprise surprise) and had taken more than his fair share of the money (over $2,000) But I let that slide as it was my poor judgement of this person. Paypal then decided that I was a seller, and that he was a buyer. They came to that assumption and decided also to reverse over 200 payments we’d sent to each other, which meant they took the $1,000 i made, plus another $1,650 and practically closed down my account. This was brilliant because I had 35 people paying me $100 a month for my services, so yes, this meant… $3,500 residual income = gone.

I tried explaining the situation and said that I could understand why they did it, but that it was wrong and I wouldn’t mind if they just rectified the whole situation…Did they? No. They told me “there’s nothing we can do, your account is limited and you cannot appeal, and you need to pay the outstanding balance”, then put the phone down on me.

I have been trying to contact them and actually speak to someone with more than one brain cell that can help me, and they all put the phone down on me passing me from pillar to post as if I’m playing charades or guess who by leaving me in the dark the entire time and making me guess my fate if you like. The fact I was now negative $5,000+ and counting was really starting to make me feel like I was about to have the prostate exam you’d rather not speak about with anyone outside the GP and being taken to the cleaners if you like, without being able to do anything…

Paypal refused to answer any of my questions as I couldn’t speak to anyone at their customer support centre in Ireland because they weren’t able to do anything. I’m sure Paddy O’Paypal was having the time of his life toying with me on the other end of the phone saying “you’re wasting mine and everyone else’s time and money by ringing every day because there’s nothing you can do other than pay the outstanding balance”. Then to my surprise…they put the phone down on me (again).

The bastards then had the cheek two days later to try and trick me with the “verify your card” BS so that I fall for it hook, line and sinker and they have access to my bank account and take the money I “owe them” out of my account and say thanks very much for your service, we appreciate your custom. Which wouldn’t surprise me because of their outrageous exchange rate fees and percentage they take off every transaction. I did try explaining that I was a good customer for them to have seeing as they are so trigger happy when it comes to fuc*ing everyone up the back passage with their fees and that you’d had more than your fair share of my money already.

Yesterday really did put the metaphorical cherry on top of the already fuc*ed up cake, they decided that after 21 days of me not paying the money, they then “exchange my money” into dollars. Which was hilarious beyond measure because my money was already in dollars, they magically exchanged my money into euros, then back to dollars again so they could squeeze another $20 out of me with exchange rates. The cheeky fuc*ers.

Anyway…seeing as paypal are somehow the only real go-to place for this type of debauchery of a rollercoster ride of ecstasy and prolific fu*ck ups on their part, I was wondering if there was any other method that you could send automated payments to? I tried using stripe and I felt like an aphrodisiac being deprived of his daily dose of bondage and sexual monstrosity. In a nutshell, paypal are arseholes and stripe is the most confusing thing since a colorblind person trying to play with a rubix cube.

Paypal really are a bunch of johnsons, and their irish charm certainly didn’t work on me, and I most certainly did not receive the “luck of the Irish” but more so the “Fu*k of the Irish” as they well and truly have cocked up. And according to their sources, I still owe them $790. Absolute Johnsons.

Posted: July 22, 2015 at 4:03 pm


3 Responses to How I lost my Money with PayPal

  1. gui says:

    PayPal really really sucks!

  2. Spearcarrier says:

    I have a payment portal that gives my clients a chance through 2 donation buttons. They can choose paypal or they can choose wepay. I also take money orders. Sadly 99% of them choose Paypal.

  3. peter mark says:

    You just described type of money laundering scheme. chain in the passing of funds. U also mentioned this guy is a fraudster. Hello………………

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