Limited with no prior warning and no resolution in sight

I have been trading on eBay for a while for a bit of extra income, after my work dried up I started selling full time, Then, on Jan 1st I went to draw some money into my bank, but to my horror my paypal account was restricted, with no prior warning with $2400+ in there which I needed to get the items for my customers, as I drop ship a lot of things!

I have no funds in my bank, I quickly did all the things paypals website said I needed to in order to restore my account, It’s still not active- the website said can be sorted withing 48 hours, BULLSHIT! I phoned up- I was then told it could take up to 14 days, I phoned back the next day to check on any progress, And was now advised that it’s normally MORE than 14 days, AT THIS TIME OF YEAR! They oviously block people for selling more just before x-mas… The operator confirmed this to me!
I phone back again on the 4th and was told it could take THIRTY DAYS OR MORE!!!

On asking to speak to a supervisor I was informed “they will only tell you what i’m telling you” After insisting repeatedly, my request was granted- I am still waiting for a supervisor/senior member to phone me back- They haven’t broken a promise on that one (yet) though, as they told me it will be in the middle of next week before a supervisor can get round to phoning me!

They obviously don’t care who they shit on, I am disgusted by them, why the hell can’t they notify people before restrictions are applied? perhaps they could issue users with a two week grace period to gather the required info, and place a restriction only if the info doesn’t get sent in or IF they find any wrongdoing

I have two children, and no other work at the minute, so I set about building an honest business to pay the bills, this has been ripped from under me all because of paypals stupid policy

Posted: January 11, 2013 at 5:02 pm


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  1. Kevin F says:

    You can’t believe one word they tell you over the phone because it is nothing but lies to get you off the phone as fast as possible. In over 40 years of doing business I have never come across such incompetent company as paypal. It takes a lot to rattle my nerves but paypal has figured out how to get to me on a constant basis.
    I don’t think I should he held accountable for mistakes made by paypal but that is how it goes when using their service. They screw up and I pay. No Thank you. I rather just give my money to charity at that point.

  2. Fruitbat says:

    So sorry to hear of your woes. I’m in a simliar boat. They are beyond evil and greedy– sitting presently on $900 worth of my money with a 3-month hold, even though my ebay sale went through to a very happy customer, who gave me top marks on ebay. Furious with Paypal, disgusted with their policies, and frustrated that I have few methods of recourse. I’m digging through this site and contemplating sending an email like this one from Rand Wilson

    Best of luck to you, I”ll post my updates here too.

  3. fukpaypal says:

    They are Rude bastards who try to dictate their fuckin rules to others, then they limit the account and force you to come up with their terms and conditions, which i said to them ,FUCK YOU! AND HELL WITH THE PAYPAL AND SHEYT!

  4. Sorry for all of your troubles with Paypal, but as we have all learned, the company is either corrupt, incompetent, or both.
    If you read thru the 200+ comments on the page that Fruitbat posted above, you will see that writing “the letter” has worked for dozens of victims of Paypal. It worked to get more than $5,000 returned to me in just a few hours.. ON A SUNDAY …

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