Message sent to ebay after charging me multiple late fees on an item while waiting for a response to complaints. Site page says “Thank you for your email. You’ll get a reply in 24-72 hours. If you need immediate help, you can click Call Us to contact our Customer Service rep”…BULLSH**!

“This is my second contact after not receiving a response and getting charged additional fees. I am getting angry. I contacted your company about late fees on my account that should not have been incurred, while waiting for a response I have now been charged ANOTHER late fee because I did not want to pay money I should not owe. I have now paid in full and covered both late fees to stop you from taking more of my money before you respond. My purchase of $50 that should have been billed directly to credit card or my bank account has reached $115 with your late fee charges. $65!!! MORE THAN MY ORIGINAL PURCHASE IN LATE FEES. If the first late fee is unavoidable because that payment was late without my knowledge then okay. The second late fee is a slap in the face and completely uncalled for. If you cant respond to a customer in a timely manner then something needs to be changed. I want a response with either a refund or contact information for a PERSON to fix this issue
I dont appreciate being openly robbed.”

Submitted By:: Anish P

Location-: Olympia WA

Posted: February 20, 2012 at 7:02 pm



  1. R. Armstrong says:

    Ha! They are the pits! I received a prescreened offer for a Paypal Mastercard and I tore that bad boy up. I wouldn’t get caught dead having that company as a credit lender. They can’t even get their act together when it comes to fulfilling deposit orders, why would I trust them to perform any better as a creditor. I think using them would be a recipe for disaster. I hope you pay them off and shut the account down. There are plenty of companies to choose from.

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