Never got Item but PayPal doesn’t care

I purchased an item off ebay, 248$. I paid through Paypal. Well i never received my item. So I requested a tracking #. Seller finally provided a tracking number. Well, it said it was sent first class mail. And anyone knows, frist class mail must be under 13 oz. My item weighed around 13 POUNDS. The post office also told me that the item sent was a small business type letter, and they would investigate where it went. i then called our neighborhood friendly Paypal. Told them the story and the way my 250$ 13 lb item was sent via first class mail and thats IMPOSSIBLE and I never received an item. They were more interested in finding out where this “package” was than how the seller was able to ship a 13 lb item with first class mail! I was outraged. The post office is currently trying to find where this package went, and the seller runs off with my money. Paypal does not give a damn about their customers, oh the guy I bought this from had 0 feedback but oh you know I thought I would be protected and safe by paypal and thought well everyone has to start somewhere. My 400+ feedback score of 100% and 1000s of paypal transactions meant nothing considering i feel i had substantial evidence for a full refund.

Posted: September 7, 2012 at 4:50 pm


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  1. Matthew W says:

    Paypal are as dumb as they come. The complete lack of common sense over at paypal is remarkable. Paypal will lure you in making you believe that they are the safest way to pay or get paid lol. I don’t think there are many users that will agree with this. The only think paypal i protecting is their own ass and money and the only thing they are working hard on is how to get more of our money. If they were to refund you your money they would have to refund the fees as well and then they don’t profit any from that transaction

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