I had no idea there would be 21 day hold

I started selling on ebay over 1 1/2 years ago. I took all my savings & invested it in iventory to sell on ebay which was almost $5000.00. I had signed up for an ebay account a few years earlier so when I decided to be a seller I just did so , Therefore I had no idea there would be 21 day holds placed on my money. I even did the training for ebays new sellers & still was not made aware of this at least not until I tried to accsess my money. They nickeled & dimed me for the next 3 months which because of this I was barley going to be able to replenish my stock. Finally in my 4th month I receive an email from ebay that said CONGRATULATIONS because of your outstanding performance & 100% positive feedback your new seller holds have been lifted.I thought to myself its about time. Not even 5 minutes went by after my ebay email I got to Paypal & they still have a hold on my funds, so back over to my email & what just arrived in my inbox but a lovely letter from PayPal stating after careful reviewing of your account we have decided that any money received for payments will be placed in a pending balance for 21 days , by doing this we are making sure there is enough money in your account to cover any refunds or claims.
“WTF”! I’m thinking you have got to be kidding me , I have never had to refund any money & have 100% positive feedback & I just had gotten that email from ebay. I was fit to be tied. So I boycotted ebay for awhile I wouldnt have enough money at this point to stock up on inventory anyway. So whatever I did have in stock I listed in a free store called ecrater & did a few weekends of yardsales. my investment using my life savings was a big disappointment & left me pretty much broke living sale to sale & always robbing peter to pay paul all thanks to Ebay & PayPal the 2 sites on the web that are supposed to help the little guy profit on the internet. Anyway after a few months I decided to give ebay a chance I started using PayPal again a bit earlier when I found out they only hold your money from ebay sales. So after awhile I set up a store on ebay again only selling an item a month sometimes not even that still with 100% positive feedback. I havent sold anything in a few weeks , but I use Paypal for requesting money for other services ( I buy diabetic test strips ) & yesterday I get an email from Paypal they are holding my money again , For what? they have no good reason for doing so, except to line their pockets with the interest that is earned from mine & other peoples money. I was about to call them & blow a cork but thought to myself wait before I do that get what money I have accsess to out of there which was only $174.00 so I used my paypal debit card & took my money out of there , closed my ebay store , changed my automatic payment source for ebay fees from my bank account to my paypal account & wrote them & paypal an email & told them to go Fuc….. themselves!

Thanks for listening!

Submitted By:: Amadeus Schafer

Location-: West Virginia

Posted: March 13, 2012 at 7:31 pm


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