I got taken using Paypal and eBay

I “won” an item that appeared to be a 67.2 grams nugget, but after the seller had posted it he wrote me an email with the words, ‘you will be happy as long as you read the description’, so I had a closer look why he mentioned it and noticed the word grains. Checking on the net with a conversion calculator I found out I’ve paid AU$1,840.00 for a 4.35 gram nugget worth about $213 !! When I contacted PayPal I was informed that the seller had described the item correctly, it’s up to the buyer to be more careful when buying on eBay. PayPal completely ignored the facts that this seller has violated the eBay rule about shill-bidding using his multiple ID’s to bid on his own listings, as well as open new ID’s to cover up a negative feedback received using the same trick.
PayPal assists knowingly a criminal who uses this knowledge to give the buyer a false hope of security, because he knows PayPal will decline the disputed transaction in his favour. After hours on the phone talking in circles I gave up, I would like to sue PayPal but I don’t like the idea that I have to spend hours writing letters without much hope of success. PayPal make their own rules which of course are to protect them and not a buyer who is the victim of a shark.

Submitted By:: Seth

Location-: Aussie

Posted: April 24, 2012 at 2:45 pm


4 Responses to I got taken using Paypal and eBay

  1. Caroline Hoffa says:

    Buyer beware, seller, beware, everyone beware. You use paypal at your own risk. This person very clearly was out to make something out of nothing and got away with it. Paypal is not going to stop him because they make more money by him selling this “rock” then they would stopping the sale. And that is what it is all about. Did you all ready receive the rock in the mail. You could do a charge back or unauthorized transaction.

  2. Sunglasses4you says:

    gesh man sorry to hear about that! I would take their asses to court but I guess they have you on a technicality of reading the fine print…. What goes around comes around. I wish paypal had sided with me, I sold a legit item to a scammer and paypal sided with them WTF?!

  3. Cadillac Jack says:

    Same story different person, different day. Paypal and eBay plain and simple skrew people over so they can make the extra cash. They got a good system going and nobody can stop them. As much as everybody hates them and their practices they give it a shot UNTIL they have been the chosen one of many to be skrewed. I tread cautiously but am looking harder at saying goodbye to Paypal altogether, get my legit merchant account and never purchase from a seller only using Paypal. I gotta protect myself.

  4. Janet Defino says:

    Man I hope things turn around for you. Paypal sure does make their rules you’re your lucky if you find a kind soul to help you out. Luckily, I haven’t run into any problems with disgruntled customers or ebay holding money (yet).I personally think that phishing scams are the worst. You really have to be on top of your game to spot them out. I had to report some con-artist who was trying to get one over on me; they had some multilevel marketing scheme going on and wanted me to use my paypal account to get linked in. I smelled that bad deal from a mile away.

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