I can’t access my money

I have been selling small time since 1999. I have positive feedback of 1972. 99.6%. I have 2 Negatives, one from a buyer in a foreign country who claimed he never received it and left me negative fb even tho I refunded in full The other was a buyer who bought a women’s synthetic cascade hairpiece, melted it with a curling iron, claimed it came that way. Returned to me wadded up in an envelope without the original box it came in, was not even the one I sent but ebay made me refund him. Now my account doesn’t meet minimum standards so my money is held and trinkled down to me every once in awhile. I had over $300 in Paypal but only $17 available.

Submitted By:: Janeth Field

Location-: Miami, Florida

Posted: March 22, 2012 at 6:36 pm


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