Horrible Paypal experience, 113 fraudulent transactions

I recently had 113 unauthorized paypal transactions and my account was overdrawn for over $10000 due to paypal fraud. The only thing that goes through my paypal account on a monthly basis is Netflix payment.
When I contacted paypal, they were not helpful at all and first they said there system got hacked into and they said they had taken care of of the transactions and refund them back to me.
2 days later all those 113 unauthorized paypal transactions went through my account and when we call paypal back, they blame us and even try to blame my bank and online banking. My husband does not even do online banking and they denied that there system got hacked.
Screw paypal it is not safe, customer service is bad and lots of attitude. When we asked them when this is going to be resolved, the supervisor said ” I don’t work for you”, really this is how you respond to your client to help your client resolve errors by your company. My mortgage payment got returned as a result of that and I got charged NSF fees. I never bounced a payment in my life and I cannot even redirect payments to other account because my account is overdrawn $10000 and needs to get my full refund back first. What is nightmare….do not use paypal.

Posted: March 17, 2016 at 7:18 pm


6 Responses to Horrible Paypal experience, 113 fraudulent transactions

  1. Jean Haslett says:

    I find $1.00 charges TWICE on my current Discover Card bill for eBay purchases. I DID NOT go through PayPal. I billed directly to my Credit Card:-S
    Please phone me! 507-650-0753.

  2. john graham says:

    Truly appalling. Who do they think they are, and WHICH BRANCH OF THE MAFIA DO THEY WORK FOR? or WHICH CRIME CARTEL?
    They will reap what they sew. Parasites!!

  3. Adam says:

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been with Paypal for a while and nothing wrong has happened. Usually something happens with fraud Transactions because someones just being an idiot, Someone is not thinking about fees, Someone is Lying, or Someones password is NOT STRONG.
    This is what I think is happening. Passwords, People.

  4. PayPal Terminator says:

    First thing you should of done was go down to your bank and immediately file disputes against PayPal for all 113 transactions as not authorized. As long as is no history of payments in those general amounts in your bank account your done. Something that severe, you should documented everything of when you contacted PayPal, not limited to recording the conversation. Post it on Youtube etc. The bank should of put an immediate freeze on the account for, if true in what you say, for the unusual activity on your bank account. NSF’s fees by law, are limited to more than 3-5 charges to your account, so if your disputing the transactions as not authorized those fees would of been returned. In regards to your house payment, the bank who your paying is not going to foreclose on you for a missed payment! You call them, explain what happened and that is that. So there was no reason for you to even mention it. Dispute the 113 transactions, either close the bank account so PayPal cant attempt to charge your account again, or put a merchant ID block on your account that will prevent only PayPal from wthdrawing funds

  5. PayPal Terminator says:

    Jean Haslett says: : First Lay off the Mafia! First of all, IT WASNT PAYPAL IT WAS YOU! with the $1 charges. Your credit card number was stolen online not by PayPal. Your obviously didnt do your homework and started blaming anyone you can get your hands on. What you did was either had virus galore on your computer and the keystrokes got recorded, or you used your credit card online at someone elses website . The website go thacked with a PHP injection and stole credit card numbers The $1 transactions are test charges to see if the credit card is good, and the information you placed on the hacked website was any good. PayPal is in the business of handling millions of transactions. They know they would be liable for any fraud. So the first thing they’d do is make sure your cards are secure and not hacked. Imagine all the chargebacks they would incure at at non refundable $35 a pop, they’d be out of business. So its my opinion hat you went someplace used your card and go tyour number stolen and are trying to blame anyone you can get your hands on.

  6. Nelum says:

    Paypal are the mafia. They have been fined last year for the bad boys that they are.

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