No hope after buyer files chargeback

Sold an item on Ebay. Shipped to provided address. Was the wrong address so got shipped to 3 places before finding the right address. More than a month later buyer says item arrived broken. I said I had insurance on it so we can just do a claim with shipping company. Buyer says he has none of the original packaging. I try making claim anyway. Tell buyer he must wait for shipping companys answer to get refund. He says he waited long enough if I don’t give him money back he’s filing chargeback. I tell him to wait a little while longer because I won’t give him full refund when he still has the item and if the claim is denied he can ship it back for refund. No reply, he just does a chargeback. No proof that it was actually damaged in shipping. Paypal now has a hold on the money and is reviewing the info I gave to dispute the chargeback.

Posted: May 16, 2014 at 6:38 pm


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