Hold on payment received from abroad

PayPal claims to offer the option of receiving payments from foreign countries and allows for the option of payment through a credit card without my customers having to register with PayPal. I deal in business to business and get paid for intangible services. I can’t be asking my customers go trough all of PayPal’s hoops in order to pay me. They put a hold on a payment after telling me the payment was received and after I had spent from that balance using m debit card. The result was that since there was a hold on that money, they took from my bank account and caused it to overdraw. Meanwhile, they wanted my customer in a foreign country to go to the trouble of calling the US to answer a few things so they could make sure the transaction was bonafide. My customer didn’t think he should do that. They wanted him to make a long distance call to another country! I finally got a toll free number for him to call from abroad. Then they told him he had to register with PayPal. The nerve. They shouldn’t tout themselves as an international money transfer system for business if they aren’t really set up for this. They mislead you into thinking your customers can pay without registering, and then turn around and make your customers do just that. My customers shouldn’t be bothered with that. I had to ask the CEO,whose name the card was in to have to hassle with these people. And they made my bank account bounce. Somebody needs to bring a class action lawsuit on these guys. They aren’t set up for international business. Their paradigm is stuck on Ebay and PayPal registered customers. The rest is just a marketing ploy. I hope somebody sues the crap out of them and has enough money not to settle and actually goes to trial..

Submitted By:: Samuel Martinez

Location-: Miami

Posted: February 27, 2012 at 8:42 pm


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  1. we would like to receive payments from abrod. pls send us the processor for paypal account

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