What I hate PayPal.

Today, my Paypal account got “permanently locked”. They emailed me to let me know that they didn’t like the fact that I just wrote down my proof of SSN on a piece of paper and uploaded it. Well, actually they just banned my account and said that I could go into resolution center in paypal and provide proof to get my account back. But how could I log in if my account is locked? I just emailed complianceverifications@paypal.com and let them know “could you unlock my account or get a lawsuit instead?” Within a couple hours, my account was back on and still asking me for my SSN. Still haven’t given it to them, I plan to in the future, but can’t right now. Ebay made it terrible to purchase anything on the site… you HAVE to use paypal. OR their shitty service known as Billmelater.

Posted: July 21, 2014 at 8:51 pm


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  1. James Kenneth Durham says:

    For some unknown reason my paypal account was restricted. Oh no now I know, it was because my address needed confirming – in spite of me having successfully processed numerous transactions only days before using the same address. Anyway I confirms the addresses and think – ok so now I can withdraw the money in there…….which I do. Two days later still not in my bank account. Now I know they say 3 -5 days but previously I had received it on the same day so my hopes were high (especially because I still had to post the thermomix I sold and have money in my account for my car payment). Anyway I decide to go back to paypal to check and to my horror – the money was still in there! Apparently it had been reversed since, in spite of me confirming my address and them unlocking my account, it reversed the funds because my account was in fact still restricted. So now in addition to the exorbitatnt processing fee, my ebay final value fee, the 2x bank dishonour fees plus my car finance company’s declined-transaction-processing-fee, a thermomix that I sold for 1620 dollars has yielded me $1350. That is almost $300 I have lost when selling this item. Not to mention the fact that people usually resort to selling their possessions when they NEED the money fast. The fact we pay almost 3% to Payapal to wait another 3 – 5 business days is appalling. Thus from the day I put my item on ebay it will be a week and a half before I receive any money at all. Yes I know I could have/should have known about this in advance but far out……………….

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