General Moronic treatment of prospect sign-ups

All I wanted was to make a simple enquiry before joining paypal. I am a software engineer of 20 years experience so I am used to asking questions in a precise manner.

I asked whether I could impose limits on my account ( if I were to open one ) to impose a maximum limit on the amount that could be taken out of my account a month. I consider this a reasonable and sensible security back up. My second question was similar to this one.

The first email I received back was standard industry blurb which translates to “we dont think you have read our online FAQ properly so we will throw it at you a second time to try and minimize our operator costs” – Fair enough I expect this so I did as instructed and replied on the basis that the standard blurb did not answer my questions.

I then received this email… ( XXX’s substitute private information )

================= START OF PAYPAL RESPONSE =============

We’ve received your email from This email address isn’t linked to any PayPal account. In the interest of security and privacy, we can’t send any account specific information to an email address that’s not currently linked to your account.

If you log in to your PayPal account and send us your question(s) via our Contact Us page, we can reply to your primary email address (that’s the one you use to log in) with account specific information.

If you want to add a new email address to your account and/or change the primary email address on your account:

Go to log in to your account.
Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.
In the ‘Email’ section, click ‘Update’ and make the desired change(s).

Otherwise, please email us directly at, using any email address that’s linked to your PayPal account and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Yours sincerely,
================== END OF PAYPAL RESPONSE ================

Ok Emma

Thanks for either….

1. Not reading my initial enquiry where I made it clear that I was not currently signed up with paypal and so this was an enquiry that might lead to me opening an account with paypal – hence no account at the moment with paypal.

2. Being plain dumb.

I then phoned paypal and reached an amusing semi-intelligent automated response machine that seemed to want to have a question and answer conversation with me and claimed to be able to understand simple free form speech. I hope it understood me telling it to go F*** itself after the inevitable two minutes of pure frustration – hell I am a computer guy myself so I suppose I already knew that the “conversation” would be fruitless.

I may continue after all these are frustrations in getting info out of paypal prior to joining up – maybe they are fine after you have joined but their method of dealing with people who are interested in getting an account but dont have one yet SUCKS.

Anyone reading this from paypal – please remove all hints on the paypal website “contact us” pages that you can actually make an enquiry if you are not already signed up because unless you particularly like answers from morons or low IQ – AI software this is not the case.

Posted: April 16, 2013 at 6:45 pm


2 Responses to General Moronic treatment of prospect sign-ups

  1. I have been robbed by pay pal, not just money but my good name on e bay they have just about ended my marriage because my husband was a seller also and because they put me on limitation , I call the police when I found out they were sending e checks in and never told me and I was paying with my bank card On the 3rd i put in almost a 1000 in the on the 7th i had a 1.21 all pay pal charges I got a police report and got in touch with the federal trades comm and he said that he needs more people to come forward to do someting about pay pal. well pay pal found out and my husband is a power seller for over 10 years and just because we live in the same house they closed he’s account down and he can’t sell no more since then me and my husband don’t speak and he acts like he don’t know me and now I have my half of bills to pay now and I’m ready to file for a divorced, just because of pay pal.So they have robbed me of a lot so far they got me for over 1000 so far had to close my bank account they were still sending in charges and the people I payed never got there money put the money was taken out of my account and they re listed the items I payed for!!! But they won’t close my pay pal account and e bay wants to know when I’m going to start selling again and sends notices of items they are newly listed.It is like holding a steak in front of a lion………..

  2. mark says:

    they’re not morons…… they just treat you as a moron….

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