I feel so disgusted being cheated and lied at by PayPal customer service.

I had the worst time ever dealing with any PayPal customer service company.
They kept transferring me from one department to another for first 1 hour when I tried to inquire about the pending status of a credit card.
Then when someone from fraud department came on line with me, he said we have to verify your self by sending a text message to your cell. Once verified I asked him if my application was still in the process and asked if I could cancel it without being reported to credit bureaus. He bluntly cancelled my application with out even taking an approval from me and transferred me to someone in the customer service department.

There they said that my application has been processed and is rejected as I cancelled it midway and confirmed that since it didn’t go through the appropriate approval process they will not report it to credit bureaus.

I was amazed to see that within 30 min of my call with them my credit monitoring agency reported that they had already reported it to them.

I just feel so disgusted at being cheated and lied at by PayPal customer service.
I would never ever recommend anyone to ever try working with this company.

Posted: December 26, 2013 at 7:01 pm


One Response to I feel so disgusted being cheated and lied at by PayPal customer service.

  1. Ayaz ahmed says:

    Been ripped of thanks to pay pal, after speaking to paypal twice in regards to sending money to a seller on eBay who wanted a deposit for a item that had been away for repair, confirming it was a deposit I sadly deposited £200 to his account a (jake_burns) soon after the excuses started this has happened that’s happening anyway after opening a dispute an still hearing nothing I contact paypal an to my amazement the lady is now telling me they don’t cover deposits, my first conversation before sending the money she explained it was fine but don’t send it as a friend an family type payment after receiving the request from the seller I sent pay button accidentally whilst on my phone in panic I rang PayPal to confirm the type of payment an then a different lady at paypal explained all was ok it was for services which you are covered, obviously not today they have change the story and now I’m not covered. If any ones been thought a similar thing please let me know if ther is anything that I can do. HELP

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