Our eBay store was shut down without any notice

We had an ebay store with feedback of over 2500 and a 99.9% feedback score. Ebay kept violating our store due to what we sold. We sold public domain movies. All in the public domain. They kept violating us on copyright laws. We continuously told them that we had the documentation stating the dates it particular movie entered into the public and the legal information from the library of congress. We had documentation on the laws in regards to public domain material and could prove that it was legally in the public domain. They would never allow us to send them the information. Only to wait for an email from them which, each time, never received. Then they closed down our store without any notice. They decided overnight that our business should no longer exist without reason.

Posted: January 16, 2014 at 7:17 pm


One Response to Our eBay store was shut down without any notice

  1. mambie says:

    ebay sucks i even have a account banned because i trolled with a false adress

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