Ebay & PayPal accounts continually hacked

I have had a Pay Pal account for 12 years now, & after 2 months of having my Ebay & Pay Pal accounts continually hacked, the thieves upped their game. I was happy for Pay Pal to restrict my account as I thought that at least the fraudsters could not move money in or out now. Also, all of my email accounts were now being hacked, and the PRIME email address were set to the fraudsters who had hijacked my unresolved email accounts,(Mainly those email box’s not showing my actual name, and as I was not listing my new mobile number, due to the hackers already hacking my land line phone, texts were being sent to my land line, which is a no brainier.

These people had also recently hacked into my MBNA account, & took my unblocked master card number & details, & they then attached it to my Pay Pal account, (they’re using Identity theft now!!!!) I quickly blocked that credit card.(I found this information myself, the PP Bank didn’t have any idea as to what was going on Then some bright spark at Pay Pal, took off the restrictions to my hacked PP account, & the money I had been unable to send to my bank due to the previous restriction, was then stolen. One of the Pay Pal Reps, confirmed over the phone that my money in my Pay Pal account had been stolen, & he assured me that he would trace where it had gone. Later, I received an email from Pay Pals Head Office in the USA, that went on to say, ‘That my compromised PP Bank Account, was NOT compromised after all, according to their findings. No mention of the money taken, the thieves attaching my credit card fraudulently, nor, the disabling by the Hackers, of being able to restrict my ability to receive mail from Pay Pal, as it was fixed to going directly to the criminals mail box. Was I reassured by Pay Pal? Of course not! I felt so concerned at this misinformation, and obvious PP cover up, that I closed my Pay Pal account within the next five minutes. I forgot to mention, I have a Police case number.

Posted: August 5, 2014 at 4:50 pm


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