E-bays feedback is a joke

I think that e-bays feedback is a joke I have 698 positive feedbacks and one asshole customer states that the item he recieved had a hole in the box, dirty missing parts this item was a vintage 1960′s chevy model that was worth $40.00 he paid $6.99 I offered a full refund and he just left negitive feedback even after he left negitive feedback I still offered a full refund and he still did not send the item back.
So there must be nothing wrong with the item if he did not want a refund This also affects my selling it puts me on a up to 21 day hold plus on my money plus all perks such as free 100 listings and all bonus offers but pay pal has no problem they have one second release on there money I do not even have a chance to leave my side of the feedback they ask the customer if he wants to reverse the feedback HA HA if he wanted to reverse the feedback why would he leave it in the first place?

Posted: October 24, 2014 at 7:01 pm


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