Was double-charged for a canceled transaction

I made payment shortly after win a bid, before I got confirmation sale was legitimate, after payment was submitted, I got an email from buyer regarding the fraudulent transaction, said she did not have what she was selling, both of us canceled the transaction on the same day shortly after payment was submitted, 15 days later my paypal account was double charged for that canceled transaction.

After I spent 4 hrs on the phone with Ebay and PayPal to see what needed to be done, the canceled transaction amount was withdrawn from my bank account 3 days later which cause me to over draft my acct since another purchase was already made

Since Jan 10 I have nothing but a nightmare because of this issues I have been give wrong information on numerous accounts.
When asked to speak to a supervisors, agent refused to get a supervisor, or told me her supervisor not available at that time n I would need to call back, just to have to deal with more rude, inexperience agents or representatives from the Philippines

When I logged in to paypal today I see my account has a negotiate balance the same amount of the canceled transaction I was told my account was double debit that amount, and it will take up to 5 business days for correct to be fix.

I also have a credit due from a seller that has still not shown up in my palpay account 5 days later

What does it mean when you can only get a US post address to contact PayPal, and no email address or phone number, what does paypal have to hide? i will be sending a letter as well and hope it is seen from some one other then the post man really disappointed to have to spend so much of my time doing a job one of paypals employees job and I don’t get paid for it

Posted: January 21, 2014 at 3:48 pm


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  1. Mark conrad says:

    Only one question. What banking source was tied to your account. Most likely a bank account. Do you know you cannot cancel a bank withdrawal. It must go forward to your paypal account. This process takes 3 – 4 days. If you spend your cash in your bank account. PayPal have a two try policy before moving to another funding source on your PayPal account. This policy can take 1 – 11 business days. The fault is with your bank not allowing cancel actions with bank withdrawals.

    This is such a basic concept you do not understand. Let the money go forward to PayPal. You could have simply returned the balance back.

    The charges are bank fees. These are something your bank applied. You must ask the bank why they charged you fees.

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