Can’t delete expired MasterCard from my account

Paypal alerted me to update my account because my master card was going to expire. It did expire because my bank changed providers. I put in my new master card information and it showed up in my paypal account. However, so does my expired card and the option to delete it doesn’t exist because paypal “requires” me to do it their way (I must update the expiration date) before the card will brighten up and, I assume, open up an option to delete it. I doubt putting in a false date will work cause the system should be smart enough to recognize that. So, after hours of trying to find a way to delete it or select the good card as the “primary”, I finally called them. That system gets me access to lecture after lecture about how wonderful their WEB site is and how it can solve just about all my problems.

I’ve sent them a “question” on their site and I’ve sent them an email. That was a joke too. Their form “requires” the last four digits of the credit card and my subject was “delete an expired card”, so I put the last four of that card. It rejected it and forced me to put the last four of the good card; Oh, when I try to purchase something on pay pal, it rejects me because it still thinks I need to update the expiration date on the other card. Their board of directors should fire the CEO who no doubt considers the I T department smart enough to anticipate any question the customer might have and just cover it on the all knowing WEB site.

Posted: June 26, 2013 at 7:09 pm


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