First I was covered by Seller Protection then I was not.

I sold 2 tickets to a NFL football game once I received cleared payment and seen that my transaction was covered under seller protection The NFL site transferred the tickets to the VERIFIED buyers email address. Almost a month later the guy claims fraud to his credit card company and paypal took almost $1000 of my money saying that transaction is not covered when clearly it says it does and that they protect me from fraudulent transactions. So they said im more than likely not going to get that money back and if by some small chance I could it would be at least 120 days. I have 4 small children and I really need to get my money back they have proof that the buyer received the tickets, the time he printed them the time and gate he had them scanned at the stadium as well as proof that the only way those tickets could have been printed is through his email address. This is so bogus I feel like this billion dollar company is robbing my family.

Posted: October 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm


2 Responses to First I was covered by Seller Protection then I was not.

  1. Johnny Garrett says:

    See if your bank can help you fight the chargeback, because paypal won’t lift a finger so don’t count on them for help. The only thing paypal will do is charge you a fee for the chargeback. As the seller you have rights in case of a charge back you don’t just have to sit and take it. There is no safe way of using paypal as a seller. While paypal does not have your money they certainly arent doing anything to stop the fraud that they are well aware of and that can only take place thanks to paypals rules.

  2. Kenneth King says:

    I’m in the middle of starting my own business and I managed to make my first sale. The problem is that Paypal has frozen my account so I can’t get any of the money that I have made. What should I do besides telling Paypal to go f*** themselves?

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