Conversion Warning! I Lost Eur 900

Here’s what happened to me recently:

I usually successful withdrawing Euro money from Paypal to our Indonesian Rupiah bank account. Last time Paypal cancel it. Worst is they took away almost Eur 900,- from conversion. First they convert Euro to Rupiah then they said transfer is cancelled, so they return back the Rupiah to Euro all on their rate:

Conversion from:
-€15.000,00 EUR (rate 11.756,9)
Conversion to:
Rp176.353.500 IDR
Conversion from:
-Rp176.303.500 IDR (rate 0,000080138 Euros)
Conversion to:
€14.128,69 EUR

So first I have €15.000,00 EUR Now I only have €14.128,69 EUR. Which means I lost: Eur 871.31 Paypal took it away.

The right thing would be to keep the exchange rate the same since Paypal failed the transfer.

I’ve been calling them since 2 weeks ago 6x. They promised their Paypal senior will call me back, never happened. Today again I call them. Last promise: they will call me in 1 hr :P
huuuuuhhhh PAYPAL!!

Submitted By:: Belgis

Location-: Indonesia

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 3:17 pm


5 Responses to Conversion Warning! I Lost Eur 900

  1. Picleprick says:

    So if paypal was to “fail” alot of these conversion transactions Paypal would make alot of money?! It is interesting how, when it is a mistake on their end they take Eur 900 from you. One would think they would convert it back for the same exchange rate. That would be the right thing to do but then again Paypal is not known for doing the right thing. I am sorry to say but I don’t think anyone is going to call you

  2. Amber-n-Brown says:

    Converting the money back for the same exchange rate would be fair and the right thing to do. Paypal would never do such a thing! Stay away from them at all costs.

  3. Able Letea says:

    The exchange rate is always different for each day so I guess the question i have is did this all happen in one day? If so, I can see why this was done. Good luck with retrieving your money back. I agree with Piclepricks comment above, you just may never hear from them regarding this issue, but I wish you best of luck…..

  4. R&R says:

    Lose money with Paypal conversion rate…not surprising. This is another one of Paypals schemes to keep more money that in not rightfully theirs. Paypal is good at taking money, holding money and making false promises to their many users. Good luck getting ahold of someone that will help you there.

  5. joss says:

    my withdraw transaction convertion with usd indonesian rupiah cost me 500 usd for 17 000 usd. i they say it s free, but it s a lie, they have the badest rate of the market, and you don t have any choice, they dont accept to withdraw your money in usd when you re in idonesia. I will never use paypal again. Thanks to paypal. They are thief

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