Contact address for notice of legal action against Ebay

I can give you the long version later if necessary, but right now I wish to take Ebay to court.

Basically, they let a seller sell an item that I had paid for. I phoned Paypal, who spoke to Ebay uk. Ebay UK spoke to me and failed to carry out their undertakings in relation to the buyer. They had verified, as had Paypal, that I was correct im what I was saying about the seller.

Ebay also then failed to respond to my urgent complaint regarding the fraud of the seller by my using their ‘report a member mail’.

They have therefore been complicit in the fraud of the seller, and my not receiving the item and it being sold to another buyer.

Needless to say, the seller ignored all my communications except for the first one.

I have currently spent days failing to register a formal complaint to Paypal about themselves. The facility seems to have been disabled.

I wrote an email as per your advice to their executive section. No reply or acknowledgement.

Surely this is all against UK law?!! The inaction of both but particularly Ebay has let the seller commit the fraud even although both Paypal and Ebay had been given written and verbal evidence which they did not dispute and couldn’t because of he computer evidence.

The sale was for a small amount but this is not he point. Ebay’s guidance is to get a crime number from my local police station.But I don’t know the seller’s address!!

Please advise: can I do this?

Both Ebay and Paypal have in my experience gotten worse lately. They both now seem to be blocking anyone complaining about sellers, buyers, or themselves, and just walking away.

All of this cannot be legal, but I think the UK government is deliberately acting as if Ebay and Paypal are untouchable.

Can we not get a petition started on Change Org.?

Posted: August 25, 2014 at 6:03 pm


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