Sent to collections by paypal because buyer scammed me.

Here is my horror story, please tell me if you have any idea whom I can turn to:
We sold:
DELL OPTIPLEX 790 i5-2400 3.10GHz, 8GB Memory, 2x 500GB Enterprise Hard Drives

End/Sold time: Oct-11-13 19:25:14 PDT, Amount: 489.00

Our paypal account was closed and are unable to log on to any info and were turned over to collections:
I have emails from the buyer stating that he appropriately received this item. I asked for feedback from the item and the buyer said the freebie monitor I sent was unsatisfactory. Buyer was shipped extra parts and a spare monitor. No word was received for months. No returns were made. Approximately 3-4 months passed and then the buyer abruptly had the purchase reversed on his credit card via paypal. I reached out to him and he said “thanks for the freebies” and hung up. I contacted ebay and paypal thinking this was an open and shut case: obvious that he received the item and more and got more than he even paid for. Neither here nor there: I left my company licenses valued over $20000 accidentally on the pc (my bad). Buyer then continued to harass me and this was noted by Ebay, rubbing it in my face that he was keeping the item and the $$$ and paypal and ebay allowed it. Where is the tracking number back to me or my $400 I tried to reason with Ebay and paypal? ….If the world operated like this everyone would buy an item then reverse the charge on their credit card and keep the $$$ and the item. I was promised the item back by ebay/paypal. Instead I got nothing but a $400 charge to collections. To make matters worse we didn’t even know about the collections and this came while trying to buy a house in which we were denied!
Please help!!!

Posted: June 25, 2014 at 6:20 pm


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