3 Responses to I want to close my paypal account but can’t.

  1. Cane says:

    Close your bank account that you have linked to paypal and report any credit/debit card as lost that you had linked to your paypal account. This way you don’t even have to worry about closing your account because paypal will not have access to any of your financial information at that point.

  2. pete c says:

    apypal sucks is an understatement. Closed my acc a few months ago or so i thought…now get emails re disputed transactions….how I ask myself. tried to get through to piss poor but couldn’t..email or phone. Only thing to do is change cards but would dearly love to be able to actually complain. Will write to my MP….if enough do it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just called my CCard Amex and their solutions is/was to block PayPal from using my Card that had used only for online shopping like Ebay. Means also won’t use that site either. ttm

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