Chargeback issues and money hold with PayPal

Explain this to me: My client paid me for a website development job for a total of $850.00 he did a charge back with his credit card company for the full amount so paypal took back $850 dollars back with no questions asked.

After I talked to my client he decided he wanted to keep the website afterall and he refunded the $850 back to us via his credit card company since that’s how he did the charge back in the first place… so how is it that paypal can put my account at negative $850 no questions asked but when the credit card company decides to put the money back into our account it takes 95 days.

I was also told by paypal not to respond to the dispute because it wouldn’t have made a difference and because the buyer did the charge back via his credit card company. I got on the phone with my client and the credit card company and bank to figure out what’s going on and this is what they told me.. We have issued the $850 refund to paypal but paypal and paypal keeps telling me that the credit card company hasn’t gotten any sort of confirmation about the funds being put back into our account.. we previously had 353 in our paypal balance so it brought our account to -$496.00 and any credit card or money coming into my account gets taken out to fix that balance with out any permission it’s like Paypal are opening another problem without solving the first one..
This is going on over a month now I talked to a representative and she told me that she would notate the account and have someone call the credit card company to get this resolved and have them release the funds. I call today and they paypal tells me they aren’t even allowed to do such thing and there’s no way to expedite the issue even though I have the following.
1 – Statement that shows refund from credit card company
2 – Bank Statement from customer that shows money taken out his account
3 – Transaction number from credit card to show refund I honestly don’t recommend paypal to anyone after this situation I would just like to let everyone know your better off with another company it’s also free paypal doesn’t seem to have much protection for the sellers on these type of services. and to top it all of you can’t even get someone american on the phones they outsource their calling center to the Philippines and you can’t even get someone to help you more then once.. it’s always a different person who hardly understands English

Posted: May 6, 2015 at 6:26 pm


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  1. georg Vogel says:

    Just took few 100€ beside of fees without explanation,and still waiting for my money .Explanation : because of an anti money loundry law they can hold my money ?

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