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Paypal lied to me about my credit score to hold a reserve

I applied for a paypal pro account. They approved it but told me I had to keep some reserves in because of my credit score. They then gave me some fair credit disclosure saying that they had to tell me … Continue reading

I won chargeback but still I have to pay

I had a lady dispute a charge for an iphone on ebay using her american express credit card. paypal then charged me back “Half” of the amount of the phone and froze my account. after 4 months of waiting amex … Continue reading

Happy buyer files Chargeback and now my account is Frozen

I sold an item for $1,200. The item was shipped, delivered and the buyer was happy. Weeks later, I received an email from PayPal notifying me that the buyer filed a “chargeback”. The reason “unauthorized payment”. After documenting all of … Continue reading

Sold gold coin on eBay, lost coin and money

I recently sold a Gold coin on Ebay for $950.00. The buyer paid me thru Paypal within 2 days and I shipped the item. As soon as the item shipped the buyer filed a chargeback with Paypal claiming the item … Continue reading

Paypal Chargeback

I sold and shipped a large item completely across the country even though I listed the item for local pickup. After almost 40 days the buyer contacts me and complains that the item is broken and isnt usable. The damage … Continue reading