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PayPal Billing and sign-up issue

I was trying to purchase some Norell perfume for my cousin for Christmas. When I was registering for the product through eBay and then going through the PayPal payment registration, I thought I cancelled the transaction. The next thing I … Continue reading

Paypal is Garbage

I bought an engagement ring off of eBay from a dealer in New Jersey. I did not have my eBay account linked to my Paypal at all. When I went to click the Continue button to go to the payment … Continue reading

PayPal placed a reserve on my account.

I’ve just been royally screwed by Paypal. I have been on the phone for 3 hours today (almost 2 yesterday) demanding a resolution, and explanation to why and how they can place a reserves hold on my account. Representatives gave … Continue reading

I feel so disgusted being cheated and lied at by PayPal customer service.

I had the worst time ever dealing with any PayPal customer service company. They kept transferring me from one department to another for first 1 hour when I tried to inquire about the pending status of a credit card. Then … Continue reading

Can’t access my account or get any help from Paypal

Basically i lost my debit card in a bar one night, a week later i received an email from paypal telling me that ‘owing to suspicious activity’ my account had been suspended. i was horrified and tried immediately to check … Continue reading