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PayPal is Issuing is Replacement ATM Cards to get Social Security Numbers

PayPal did something very weird to me today. My PayPal debit card expires this summer, so I was not surprised to receive a new card in the mail today. I went to PayPal’s website to activate the card. Everything looked … Continue reading

PayPal, The Useless Middle-Man

The sad fact is that scammers are well aware that they can use stolen/hacked PayPal accounts to purchase goods. They are also aware that they can fund their PayPal account with a credit card and that PayPal will always side … Continue reading

PayPal Debit Card Sucks

PayPal started denying my valid Visa debit card about June 20th. It works for 1 purchase only…then denying the 2nd purchase (and I quote from the repeated calls to clarify this matter)…”It denied the 2nd purchase because their security system … Continue reading

They simply take the money, whenever they feel like it

Recently eBay / Paypal (they are THE SAME company!) has decided that they have the right to withdraw my eBay fees every ten days and regardless of invoice, from my bank account (for some reason they will not take these … Continue reading

Unfair telephone charges/paypal call time limit policy

Hello, the message below is what I sent to Paypal, and it explains my complaint to you as well……… “Hello, I recently needed to contact Paypal urgently, regarding an ‘error message’ on Ebay. When I tried to list an item … Continue reading