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I hate everything about PayPal

I absolutely hate paypal and googled up “paypal sucks” to see if there was anything out there. Viola, here I am sharing my story. The endless hoops that paypal jump you through while collecting every piece of personal and accounting … Continue reading

Ordered a paypal credit card swiper and ordered to verify account

I started making money selling baby clothes on ebay that my children out grew. I also started a small electronic repairs biz. I got my selling limit increased thru ebay, ordered a paypal credit card swiper, then all of a … Continue reading

PayPal lied about verification for a merchant account

Right now we feel completely lied to and taken advantage of by PayPal. We had one client that insisted she wanted to use PayPal to pay us. So, even though the last time we’d had a client like this and … Continue reading

PayPal promotion scam

I started to sign up for a PayPal promotion where I’d get $10 cash back if I linked my card to MoneyGram. MoneyGram asked for a lot of invasive personal information, so I decided it wasn’t worth $10. I didn’t … Continue reading

PayPal Illegally Tried To Get My Bank & Credit Account

In the last year Ive spent over $10,000.00 on EBay for our whole home renovation. I’ve paid sellers via Paypal which I have linked to an unlimited expense credit card. PayPal called me me about five months ago and said … Continue reading