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PayPal should ask for SSN at signup or not at all

I have received a message from PayPal saying that, because I MIGHT have enough transactions through them to generate a 1099-K, that I have to provide them with my Social Security Number. I know the threshold ($20,000) and will be … Continue reading

What I hate PayPal.

Today, my Paypal account got “permanently locked”. They emailed me to let me know that they didn’t like the fact that I just wrote down my proof of SSN on a piece of paper and uploaded it. Well, actually they … Continue reading

Paypal is pissing me off

I’ve seen this site before and had a laugh about those tossers at paypal. Now that they’ve finally pissed me off enough to want the account closed I’m happy to moan in public. A month ago I bought a camera … Continue reading

PayPal is forcing me to do what I don’t want to do

Long time seller on eBay but of course eBay bought PayPal so they are very linked…..which brings me to my recent problem as a seller. Trying to list items on eBay they would not allow me to list my items … Continue reading

PayPal makes clear mistake and denies it

Paypal sent a vendor the wrong address for me even though I am verified for years at another. Called and emailed paypal only to be ridiculed and told no way paypal could do that. I have the notice sent from … Continue reading