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PayPal is holding me responsible for unauthorized charges.

I had an Ebay and PayPal account for a few years back in 2004-2006, and a fair amount of casual selling. I needed to access my funds from my PayPal account so I proceeded to get a PayPal debit mastercard. … Continue reading

Buyer was given refund despite my no refund policy

I spent a week making a sweater for a customer who apparently did not find it to their satisfaction. I do not offer returns or refunds. The guy was turned back at every chance until he took it up with … Continue reading

PayPal let fake buyer rip me off.

My issue is with paypal below: I am writing to you to express my anger in my recent fraudulent activity on my paypal account for which both operators whom I have spoken with today have been unwilling to assist me … Continue reading

Payment declined

I have been with my partner for 8 years and have three beautiful children together. It took us that whole time to save for an engagement ring he felt i deserved for waiting so long. I had found my perfect … Continue reading

Major PayPal issue

i have had major issues with pay pal- without my consent permission. pay-pal had tried to withdraw money out of my account as notice from my bank… i also called pay-pal dozens of times but got no where. when tried … Continue reading