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PayPal taking money from wrong funding source

I purchased from the six Star Wars movies. This was a pre-order. the same day I began the transfer of $100 dollars to my PayPal wallet account to cover the cost of the movies. At the last minute … Continue reading

Our item was lost but we never got refund

We recently ordered goods from an Italian seller that didnt turn up The item was apparently lost at Heathrow Airport. We opened a case against the seller as EU seller regulations state they are responsible for refund. Paypal didnt read … Continue reading

The incompetence of PayPal is unsettling

PayPal has totally screwed me. I’m selling stuff on EBay. The next thing I know I’ve gotten two payments for objects sold that say “accept” or “deny.” The only way to “accept” the “unclaimed funds” is “verification.” Verification is linking … Continue reading

Sellers Beware and never send any item without tracking to newly opened accounts.

I recently had a buyer from Queensland. The buyer only opened their account a couple of weeks before they purchased from me. The item was purchased & paid, and I sent all before close of business that day. The next … Continue reading

Refund from PayPal!!

I sent 350$ worth of gold to an address PAYPAL provided me! 30 days later (the address PayPal provided was “INSUFFICENT for deliveryā€¯ via the stamp put on the package where after 30 days I finally got the package back … Continue reading