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Lack of Customer Service is big turn off

I have a problem that should be very simple to solve in a few minutes. It involves PayPal’s Buy Now button. I can’t seem to get it to transfer to my website. When I try all I get is HTML … Continue reading

Of course buyers love paypal, they can get everything for free

Gosh, where do I begin? The worst probably being that I insure every single shipment going to Europe (I am selling from the US). Back when there were still green US customs labels you could not even prove that you … Continue reading

PayPal Making Me Look Like A Scammer

PayPal took out my money from my account -$59.00. They wouldn’t tell me why BUT told me that they are looking into it. The worst part is that it’s been a week and they still won’t contact me about it. … Continue reading

Paypal has been added to my blacklist of business

Went to our paypal account and had some BS message about an account security audit. It required us to provide them with a card number that we don’t have anymore and can’t get. Spoke to them on the phone and … Continue reading

I can not access my Paypal account

I have tried to sign in to paypal. But I couldn’t remember my password… So I follow the instructions to get my password. But Paypal asks me the wrongsafety informations. The first answer I wrote in the beginning was the … Continue reading